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Hellboy Full Movie upcoming on initial release 12 April 2019 (USA). This is Action, Adventure, Fantasy film Directed by Neil Marshall. Hellboy (2019) Online HD Free Download movie Review, Cast, Trailer,wiki. The month of April comes loaded with powerful releases, without a doubt, and many of them based on comics. While those who are hitting harder are “Avengers: Endgame” and “Shazam!”, We can not forget that “Hellboy”, the re-launch of the character in the cinema, also comes next month with the intention of making us forget the version that Guillermo del Toro gave us in his two films (as well as the absence of an ending to his trilogy).

In relation to this imminent premiere, the people of IGN have had access to the set of “Hellboy” and from there they have drawn many conclusions and words from team members. However, perhaps the most redeemable are those of Neil Marshall and Lloyd Levin, director and producer of the film, respectively. The media asked them if they believed that this new adaptation would lead to expand the universe created by Mike Mignola in the comics, giving us the opportunity to see own films for characters who will not appear on the tape (as Abe Sapiens) and for some who do they will (like Bogavante Johnson). And, the truth is that, although none of them closes the door, Marshall and Levin have slightly different opinions.

For his part, Marshall prefers to focus all his attention on “Hellboy” and see how it works before thinking about the future. “I know that all that has been discussed,” says the filmmaker. “But for me it is very far away. Right now, I’m focused on this movie one hundred percent. Finish the job, make the best movie you can do, and see what happens. If all that happens, great. It would be an adventure and it would be a great world to open the door to. The A.I.D.P. and the other characters. There is a huge universe that Mike created over the years to be explored, but right now I can not think about that. ”

On the other hand, as we have already said, Levin does seem to be more receptive to the idea, especially because, after working on the other two films of the character, and seeing that “Hellboy 3” never arrived, he thought that they would never have opportunity to return to the world of Mignola. “You have about 20 years of worthwhile stories,” he says. “You know, dozens of characters, and I feel there’s a lot more to explore from the universe of Hellboy or Mignola-verse.”

It is true that the universe created by Mignola goes a long way, but it is also true that we will first have to wait and see how the film works in a month that, as we have already said, has a lot of competition. In addition, being an R-rated film can play against you at the box office, especially in the domestic market. To all this, we must add the fact that many people do not seem very receptive to this reboot after waiting for years the conclusion to the trilogy of del Toro. Be that as it may, “Hellboy” will arrive on the billboards next April 12 in the United States, although Spanish cinemas will not arrive until May 17.

The Museum of Cinema has shared new “Hellboy” material on its YouTube channel. This channel dedicated to showing how to make films offers us almost a minute and a half of material behind the scenes, with fragments of how different scenes of the film were shot.

In the video of the shoot we see a scene in which Ben and Alice face a horde of creatures, Hellboy at the time he finds the sword or Hellboy in the boxing ring.

Beside this we add three other individual posters centered on Hellboy, Nimue the Queen of Blood and Ben Daimio.

The new version, violent and for adults, Hellboy, will hit theaters in a few weeks. Many years have passed since the second Guillermo del Toro movie starring Ron Perlman, and in between the superhero movies have evolved a lot. According to actor David Harbor, some films served as inspiration for the reboot. In an interview with JoBlo the actor talked about his version of Hellboy, and about the place that the character occupies in the superhero cinema. …

In an interview with JoBlo the actor talked about his version of Hellboy, and about the place that the character occupies in the superhero cinema. Apparently, films like Logan or Deadpool served as a source of inspiration for the film directed by Neil Marshall.

“While Aeschylus and Sophocles would be writing films of The Avengers, here is Euripides with this darker version of Elektra, or something even more unpleasant,” explained Harbor, setting an example to classical philosophers. “And when I read the script, that’s what excited me, it’s not like the Marvel movies we see.”

“It had a very compelling story and it reminded me of the graphic novels I used to read at the age of 20. It’s much darker and more frightening than the superhero movies I see in general, although there are exceptions again, certainly Logan, and even Deadpool. inspiration in Logan, in Deadpool and in Christopher Nolan’s Batman, “he added.

If anything Harbor has made clear with his statements is that his version of Hellboy is far from that played by Ron Perlman. The new Red Demon is violent, unpleasant, full of scars and, as the actor himself explained, “he is a murderer”.

“It’s unique and strange,” he explained in an interview last year. “There are a lot of things that I’m going to do that are different, Hellboy is the same character as in the comics, but there are things that are not the same as what Ron did (Perlman) There’s a different approach, and I think I highlight aspects different from those Ron highlighted. ”

Directed by Neil Marshall with a script by Andrew Cosby, Hellboy will hit theaters on May 17, 2019 with the help of Vértice 360. Together with David Harbor, the cast includes Milla Jovovich as Nimue, the Queen of the Blood, Ian McShane as Trevor Bruttenholm, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio, Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida, Brian Gleeson as Merlin and Alistair Petrie as Lord Adam Glaren.

After the exclusive poster for Spain of Hellboy, now Vértice Cinema has released the final trailer of this reboot directed by Neil Marshall with David Harbor as the protagonist who gives title to the film.

In Hellboy, the Agency for Paranormal Investigation and Defense (AIDP) entrusts Hellboy with the task of defeating an ancestral spirit: Nimue, known as “The Queen of Blood”. Nimue was the lover of Merlin himself during the reign of King Arthur, from him he learned the spells that led her to be one of the most powerful witches … But madness seized her and imprisoned the magician for all eternity. Centuries ago they managed to destroy this villain, burying her deeply, but she has returned from the dead with the intention of destroying humanity with her black magic.

The direction of this cinematographic resumption of Mike Mignola’s comic is in charge of the British Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Game of Thrones), which subtly captures the signature to which we are accustomed as a lover of the horror genre. A turn in the aesthetics of the saga, not in the spirit of the character, that the director has allowed himself after obtaining the R qualification permit to shoot the film.

David Harbor (Suicide squad, Stranger Things) replaces Ron Perlman in the role of the red demon and Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The fifth element) is the evil witch Nimue in this new installment. The cast is completed by Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell and Thomas Haden Church, among others.